Save the Sounds

September 19, 2009 by

Save the Sounds

Save the whales, save a tree, save the long-tailed-brown-paw-spotted-aardvark.  Each and every day there is something new that we need to save. We need to do all this saving for our future generations.
The latest “thing” to save is sounds.  This latest concept is from the BBC (  The idea is that you will record unique or endangered sounds from your own neighborhood or country and upload it to the specially created website which can be found at .
(The original URL is quite long and I have created a short url at  You will be redirected to the correct website.)

The website contains a worldmap and you can upload “your sound” to a specific location.  Be it someone singing or the sound of fireworks during new year celebrations.

I do believe that we should really aim to record the sounds of animals in nature and upload it to the website.  This could also be a valuable learning resource for school teachers who are teaching young children about animals.

Record your sound today and upload it to the website.

We will have our first 27Dinner in Bloemfontein on the 27th of October 2009.  We are still trying to find the perfect restaurant or venue so please send me your suggestions.   I will give you more information about this event next week.

In the meantime please visit and register if you plan to attend. Remember the event is free to attend and you will only need to pay for your own dinner. I already have confirmation that one of the speakers for the evening will be Ramon Thomas ( Register today and lets make this event a huge success.

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