Today is the day for the official launch of Windows 7.  If you read this column in the evening you are probably tired of hearing about Windows 7 by now. I believe that you will hear about this launch on every television and radio station.

All around the world launch parties are being held and the in the United States and one or two other countries you were even able to request “goodies” for a Windows 7 launch party.  Unfortunately South Africa was not one of those countries, but I do believe that for the next few days you will see many specials on Windows 7 packages.

Windows 7 promises to make up for all the negativity, which surrounded Windows Vista.  Even though I personally had no problems with Windows Vista I do know that some people had bad experiences. Negative publicity did not help Vista at all but the unbelievably positive “vibe” around Windows 7 promises this to be one of the best and favourite operating systems of all times.

I have worked with the Beta version of Windows 7 for a few months and I have not had any crashes or driver problems during this time.  I can only assume that the final version which will be available from today, 22 October 2009, will be even better.

Windows 7 is definitely the operating system to get as soon as possible.

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