Changing Face of Television

March 19, 2010 by

Changing Face of Television

The television industry is changing internationally and eventhough we are far behind at least it looks like we are starting to move in the right direction.

In about 5-7 years time I strongly believe that a-la-carte television programming will be something that has become part of our daily lives. Being able to access content when we need it will be something that we are not able to live without and we will all wonder how on earth we ever survived without it. The thought of having to wait for a programme to show on a specific day at a specific time will seem ancient.

In South Africa it is still a few years away but in the US I am sure that we will see it becoming widely available in the next two to three years.

I am basing this on the fact that Google is in the process of launching a new video search feature and also the fact that regulators in the US is looking to make content on-demand a requirement of all broadcasters. The great thing is that you will pay for content that you want to see and not for all the other programming that is pushed out just to fill the day. This content is mostly subsidized by the popular content.

Another step in the right direction is the fact that we will soon see the launch of a brand now Satellite television service. On Digital Media will be launching their services before the end of May and we will start to see some competition in the digital satellite arena. Competition is important to improve services. I believe that the new content provider will struggle at first but at the price ranges that they will enter the market I will definitely sign up. Even if it is just to support the underdog and establishing choice I am in favour of this new service.