Mr Nico Baird, CUT; Veronica Masenya, Anthropology (Hons), UFS; Nonini Makhothe Psychology (Hons), UNISA; and Prof. Johannes Cronjé, Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
Photo: Phelekwa Mpono

How to harness the internet in conducting research and in marketing yourself, was one of the topics that were discussed by Prof. Johannes Cronjé, Dean of Informatics and Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and Nico Baird, Instructional Designer in the Centre for e-Learning and Educational Technology at the Central University of Technology (CUT), during a session on the Cyber Scholar. This session coincided with the launch of the UFS’s Postgraduate School.

Conducting research and marketing yourself on the internet allow the citation of articles and contribute to gaining an NRF rating. The seminar also explored the various tools available to a scholar on the internet and how to use them best. Mr Baird and Prof. Cronjé also explored the future of the scholar in the quickly changing and evolving technological and electronic environment we live in.