AS most tech journalists and enthusiasts I spent my Tuesday evening following the Apple media event. Each year at this time it is time for Apple to wow us with their latest and greatest gadgets.

There were many announcements of new services. iOS 5 will be available from 12 October and you will be able to update your iPhone 4 to the new iOS 5 for free.

There are loads of improvements in the new iOS. From a new user interface for the camera to Twitter integra-tion, location-based notifications. There are actually so many new features that I do recommend that you go to for more information.

We were all waiting to hear about the new iPhone. Now, as I have written before, there were some so-called experts on radio talking about the features of the iPhone 5, even though nobody knew before. Well, there is no iPhone 5.

The new iPhone is known as the iPhone 4S. This new iPhone 4S has loads of improvements on the iPhone 4. The phone will have a dual core CPU and is about seven times faster than the previous iPhone. It is an incredible gaming device. The phone now has an 8 megapixel camera with enhancements.

Another features is intelligent voice search. You can now ask your phone a question and you will receive an answer.

Voice recognition together with Wolfram Alpha and search engine integration will give you a hands free experience that was lacking in your cellphone.

Don’t forget that you can actually dictate emails to your phone and send it with-out actually having to type a thing. Your phone will now also be your own personal assistant.

The iPhone 4S should be available in South Africa before the end of the year. For more information visit the Apple website.