THE world is embracing the use of greener technologies to not only save the planet, but in many instances to save money. The reduced consumption of electricity is lowering monthly costs and it is vital that we try to go as green as possible when it comes to the way in which we make use of technology.

First of all there is the fact that we should buy computers that are produced by companies that are environmentally conscious. This is very hard to write about as companies are doing their bit in varying degrees. The best bet would be to find out as much as possible about the product you buy and the company that produced it.

The second thing would be to consider reducing the paper you consume. When you buy a new book consider buying an eBook reader and then purchasing eBooks in the future. Students should seriously consider this. If you do the calculations you will see that you will also start to save quite a bit after a while. The initial cost of the device would be more than a book, but after about ten books you will start to save.

The third recommendation that I will have for individuals and companies is to make use of fax to email services. Do not use regular fax machines. You should have the option to print only the faxes that need to be printed. Fax to email services give you a private fax number which is connected to your email address. As soon as you receive a fax you get it in your inbox. Two of these free services you can try is and

Always remember to think twice before printing any document.