THIS week’s column is a follow-up from last week’s column in connection with e-newspapers and e-magazines. I had such a huge number of emails in connection with this that I think I should use this week’s column to answer a few questions and a few misconceptions.

First of all I need to state that I do not receive the subscriptions free of charge. I get no discounts or freebies when it comes to newspaper subscriptions. I therefore do not receive any benefit from writing about it or giving it a positive review. I write about my honest experiences after subscribing at full price.

After my first week’s experience as a subscriber to the digital edition of Volksblad I now have also subscribed to a number of e-magazines and also Rapport. The convenience is incredible and reading it on the tablet as well as on my PC and laptop is a really pleasant experience.

A misconception is that the electronic edition of the newspaper is just text, without any photos or images.

You can rest assured that the digital edition is an exact version of the printed newspaper.

All the stories, photos, adverts and classified adverts are included. If you were to print the file you receive it will look like a smaller version of the regular newspaper. You do not need to worry that you will get less news or less value.

The other misconception that some readers may have is that you will not be able to read the small text on the screen if they reduce the size of the whole paper onto a computer screen. With the electronic version of the paper you can zoom into the text and enlarge the text. This is especially of value if you are not able to see as well as you used to.

You can enlarge the font considerably on your computer screen as well as on your iPad or other mobile device.

I hope I am able to clarify some of the aspects connected to the electronic publications available at

Please let me know if you are an electronic subscriber and if you have an experience to share.