WE are living digital lives.

For most companies we are only a number on the computer screen, used to access all our information.

We all receive many calls, “because we are such valued customers” that we are given the opportunity to buy some more stuff.

The main thing that we should remember, is because we are only known through our account numbers which are verified through our cell phone numbers and pin codes, it is not all that difficult to steal our identities and withdraw money from our accounts or even steel our identities.

I would like to give you some very basic tips to help prevent you from getting scammed.

Firstly, never click on any links in emails that ask you to enter your password or other information, rather type the address into the browser yourself.

Never let your physical credit card leave your sight when you make a payment at a restaurant or shop of any kind.

It takes less than a second for your card to be cloned.

When you throw away bills, try and tear them up into as many pieces as possible. Remember, the information on your bills is often used to verify your identity.

Only buy from well-known online shops that you can trust and that have a good reputation.

At this early stage of online shopping I am still weary and I only purchase from companies I can trust.

There are many out there that you can buy from without any worries.

Always remember that our lives are being run by computers and networks sharing information about you, your life, what you do each day, what you buy and at times even every move you make. Thieves know all this and you need to be safe.