Nico Baird

FUNDRAISING has always been a very important part of any organisation’s daily tasks. Most charitable organisations are dependent on donations and support from the public.

In this day and age, however, it is more difficult to get the support you need. There are so many organisations bidding for the same support that you really need to do that little extra to get attention.

In the past few weeks I have been asked by organisations to help them harness the Internet to generate income. Most organisations do not have websites or even have someone around with the knowledge to utilise all the tools available.

Most of these tools are free and can generate large income if they are utilised correctly. But I think that at times it is a question of being penny wise and pound foolish.

There are a number of things that organisations can do, but I do believe that the most important is to create your own social network online. Creating a Facebook group to link to your website and also to get people to join your cause is the first step.

Please note that there are more than one social network out there and as organisation, joining more than one will be in your best interest. You will see how quickly people join your cause.

These groups grow bigger and bigger on a daily basis and as organisations you immediately have access to a large number of people who support your cause. Through the Internet and your social network platform, you can now directly and easily communicate with them and if needed mobilise them to action.

Organisations not embracing the world of social networking and new media will need to re-examine their strategies. If you want support you will need to go where the people are, and they are online all the time.