ANOTHER first for Bloemfontein will soon be happening in the city.

PodCamp SA, the first of its kind ever to be presented in Bloemfontein, will take the new media world by storm on 19 April.
“We are very excited about PodCamp SA and it is something that few people have experienced before,” says Mr Nico Baird, director of Dreamagineers and organiser of this unconference.

“A podcamp is an unconference. If all this makes your head explode, do not worry, it is very simple.
An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants (generally day-by-day during the course of the event) rather than by one or more organizers in advance of the event.

A   podcamp is always free to attend and anyone interested in new media is invited to attend. This includes bloggers, podcasters, artists, educators, students, learners, reporters and many more.
“If you are interested in new media, you need to attend,” says Baird.

According to him, some of the biggest names in the industry like Glen Verran from The ZAShow, Dave Duarte from and Maximillan Kaizen from have registered for PodcampSA. Kaizen and Duarte started the very popular website Huddlemind.netBaird says that contrary to popular belief, a PodCamp is not just about podcasting.

“If you are interested in blogging,   social   media,   social   networking, podcasting, video on the net, if you are a PodSafe musician (or want to be), or just someone curious about new media, then please join us – and why not bring a friend or colleague?

“There are also still numerous sponsorship   opportunities available   for   companies to help   make   this   the   best   podcamp ever and to show the world that Bloemfontein is the ideal place for such a huge event,” he says.

Anyone   who   would   like to become involved in PodcampSA or who wants more information about the event, can contact Baird on

If you want to register, go to


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