While attending the Nadeosa conference in Pretoria, earlier this week, we realised that the members of this conference really needed a place for reflection and to share thoughts and also interact easily.  First of all it was suggested that a blog should be created and that this blog will be the ideal way for members to share these ideas.

Eventhough it is a great idea and at least someone is planning to do something I suggested that we rather start our own social network on the the Ning.com network. I immediately went and set it up and was again amazed at the number of new features that have been added to the platform.

The Ning.com network is incredible.  First of all you can have a free network or if you want to remove the Ning branding you can pay a small monthly fee.  You can easily setup your network in less than 10 minutes and you can make it a public network or your own private network.  

This is the perfect solution for schools and other organisations that want to communicate and interact with their members.  The members can also easily communicate with each other through the forum tool or the chat tool.  If you have some blogs that have information that you want to share with the group you can import rss (really simple syndication) feeds.  
All the members can post to the blog and you can upload video and photos to your own online gallery. The features that are available is quite long and I suggest you go and play around with all of them.

If you are afraid of using Facebook, start your own network and have the power to decide who joins and what is posted.


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