We are working very hard to update to update the Dreamagineers website. If you have a concept through which you believe you can actually make a huge difference, you need to rush to get it out there! Today I recorded a number of video clips with Igno van Niekerk. These video clips will be made available over the next few weeks as free downloads. The idea is to create educational content which will help educators to have new and creative approach to teaching. Please view some of these videos at http://www.dreamagineers.com/edux . You can watch and share them with friends, you are even allowed to download and distribute these clips freely.

If you have comments or suggestions please let us know at info@dreamagineers.com

In the next week we will also be recording a number of motivational talks which will be made available free of charge at www.dreamagineers.com. We all need a little motivation, especially at this time of year.

Would you like to be included at our next Motivational Breakfast? There are only a limited number of seats available so please let me know as soon as possible if you should be included.

Remember that Gerrit Cloete will again come to Bloemfontein on the 4th of December for his ever popular workshop “Getting things done with Microsoft Outlook” There are 12 seats available and you can get more information at www.dreamgineers.com