Give TopTV a fair chance – BloemNews 14 May 2010

May 15, 2010 by

Give TopTV a fair chance – BloemNews 14 May 2010

TopTV has finally launched and the age of competition is here, but the question now is when will the installation of my new decoder finally take place.

I love new services and new gadgets. I love being the first one to try new things and I love being able to tell people all about it. I do however hate being at the forefront and having to be part of the teething problems of new services.

After phoning and leaving a message at the TopTV call centre I am still awaiting my promised call back from them. To be honest they do still have about 24 hours left.

I decided to take things into my own hands and I quickly looked up a well know electronics company in Bloemfontein. They are well know for dish installations but as I was told they were not accredited to install the TopTV system. I was quickly told that the fee they receive for the installation of these systems are to low. Then followed a rant all about how low the quality of the programming is. I had to endure a few minutes of TopTV bashing before I was able to cut the call short.

In all fairness I believe that this new service and also the others that will follow in the next few months do need to be given a chance. A fair chance, please do not let disgruntled installers stop you from joining this new service. At such a low price we are not only paying for a new provider, but we are paying for the possibility of choice in our lives. If other services see that there is a huge uptake of this service they are sure to also invest in bringing more choice to South Africa.

Nico Baird