It can be such a pain if you really need to send a large file by email and you are just not able to because of restrictions placed on the size of your email by your service provider. It has happened to me numerous times where a file is just a little bit bigger than what was allowed and then I would have to write a disc and drive all the way to deliver the file to the person I wanted to mail it to.

This can be very frustrating. As I write this I just got an email telling me that the mailbox that I have mailed a file to cannot accept the file as it is just too big.

I have found the solution! And it is free! I love free stuff! Dropbox is a service which allows you to share files with anybody who joins the service. All you do is go to the website, register for the service and you immediately have 2 Gigabytes of space that you can now make use of. What happens is, is that the programme that you download will create folders on your computer just for Dropbox. You then copy files that you want to share with colleagues or friends to these folders and the service will syncronise these files with their computers. They will also need to install the service and you will have to give them access to that folder.

It is very easy to install and I think that if you need to send media to companies and friends this is the perfect solution for you. you can also install the software on multiple computers, maybe at home and at work. The files that you save in the Dropbox folder at work will automatically syncronise with the files you have at home. Now when you get home the files will be there waiting for you. What a great service!
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