IT feels as if I am often writing about the fact that the prices we are paying for our connectivity will be going down soon.
Two years ago I started saying this and at that stage we were paying about R2 500 for uncapped ADSL, we were paying about R80 for dial-up and we were paying more than R100 for each gig that we downloaded.
Every two or three months we would see these prices coming down. I believe that we would see about R5 per gig by the end of this year and I must say that if you have uncapped ADSL you are paying even less than that if you are actively using your connection. The best news I can give you today is that the battle for low prices have just begun. Yes, first the ADSL providers started lowering prices forcing each other to come up with better offers and now finally we see that the mobile market will also start to challenge each other.
A few weeks ago CellC started their annual subscription where you can get 5 GB of data each month at lightning speeds for an unbelievable price. Now Telkom has also come into the market and I am sure that the newcomer will also want a piece of the pie. You can be quite sure that in the next few months there will be loads of promotions.
Remember, speed, price, coverage and data are all vital components for a painless surfing experience. Make sure that you get the best of each of these before you subscribe to a service. Remember that today you can even get a free gig from some of the ADSL service providers and paying for that first gig just does not make sense anymore if you are on ADSL.