WE have reached the end of another year and again it is time for those who budgeted well during the recession and the World Cup Tournament to go on holiday. It is however again time for me to ask you to please remember to make backups of all your valuable data before you hit the road. These days we live our lives digitally, we have all our valuable documents in digital format and all the photos we take are stored on our computers. We seldomly print our photos. While I am on the subject I have decided that it is time to print more of our memories and I am in the process of exploring photobook printing services in Bloemfontein. I will give you feedback in a future column. Back to backups.
What would you save if your house was to burn down? In years gone by people used to run and fetch their photo albums. Will you now run and grab your computer? I have a better idea. First of all make backups of all your photos either on DVDs or on an external harddrive (or both). Prices are dropping and you can already get an external hard drive of about 1.5 terabyte for less than a R1‚ÄČ000. Prices will continue to go down, so just buy one for now.
Your memories are worth so much more.
A cheaper alternative is to use DVDs and they work just as well.
Carbonite.com also offer unlimited backups for a year for about R500. I only recommend this if you have uncapped ADSL as it will use loads of bandwidth in a month. Do not try this on your mobile connection. Lastly remember to keep your backup far away from your main computer. Preferably at a friends house. Be safe and backup today.