I AM amazed at the fact that most schools do not have email addresses for each and every learner. I am even more amazed that most schools believe that to do this they will need to install email servers and employ a team of techies.

This is not the case as you can access tools online that will make you a “rock star” at your school or institution.

Google provides many tools for you as an educator to use at your school or institution. You have access to communication and collaboration tools.

On the communication side you have free email and a calendar system that you can brand with your school’s branding. No, you will not be handing out @gmail.com addresses, the addresses will be the same as the domain you use for your website. You only need a bit of technical knowledge to set it up and you will not need to employ anybody to run the system. Each user will receive more than 7 Gigs of storage. There is no need to upgrade your servers if you have more users.

This is not all. You will also be able to use a large number of the other Google services in your school, and I think one vital tool for any school is Google Docs. There is no need to buy licences for each computer for word processing, students just sign in and immediately have access to a feature-rich system.

Teachers can even build quizzes and tests in Google Docs. There is too much to tell you, so please go and visit the website for more information.

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