THE advances in educational technology are amazing. The showcase that I wrote about last week was a huge success and it was wonderful to see the latest technology being showcased in Bloemfontein.

As I wrote last week, the showcase invited four companies to exhibit their latest products and also to give a short presentation about their products and the uses thereof. Something I think we need to realise is that if we do not invite innovative technologies to the Free State we will be left behind. We are centrally located in our wonderful country, but the technological hubs of our country seem to be Cape Town and Johannesburg. We are merely a stopover on route from one to the other. And that is only if they travel by road.

Whatever happened to the computer fairs that used to be presented in Bloemfontein? We are living in a technology-based society where all we do are either technology driven or enhanced. How can we get companies to see Bloemfontein as a destination for technology instead of just a stopover from one technology hub to the next? We have two universities and many other educational institutions.

I am not just talking about technology in education, but in all spheres of our lives. I am currently looking at applications for the iPad for home automation. Did you know that with the right hardware and switcher systems you can control every light, fan, television, hi-fi and geyser in your house through a little app that runs on your iPad? You can also control all of these things from your iPhone or other smart phone.

These are things we are not seeing as we are not lucky enough to have regular technology shows in Bloemfontein. I spoke to some of the companies last week and they said that if they got invited they would love to come and exhibit their wares. Someone just needs to invite them. So here is a business opportunity for someone. Contact these vendors, get a hall and start something in Bloemfontein!