IN this last column for 2011 I will attempt to predict what we may expect in 2012 when it comes to advances in the technological arena.

Locally I believe that we may expect faster, more affordable internet connectivity. In 2012 we are sure to experience the advantages of more international linkages with other continents through undersea cables and this will drive the prices of connectivity down in the latter half of the year.

Apps are starting to dominate our Smart Phones, and we will start to see them become more important and relevant on our computers and the way we use the internet in our daily lives. Apps are changing the way in which we perform tasks online and also the way in which we consume content and this will increase sharply in the next year.

I believe that from Apple we will see the release of a television set. Apple already has a device that streams content to a regular television set, but this will be a full Apple television set. The way in which we interact with our televisions will never be the same after this launch in 2012.

The last time the world was in such a recession as it is in now, we had the movement to Web 2.0. When people are faced with dark times they tend to innovate and recreate. We are again experiencing hard times across the world, especially in Europe. I believe that these hard times will stimulate another innovative online movement. I do not know what it is yet, but as with Web 2.0 I do know that we can bank on the fact that it will change our online experience and what we are able to accomplish online.

I wish you all an incredible festive season and a prosperous new year. Let us hope that the technology of 2012 will make our lives richer and more exciting in every way.