Website to help you with your wedding

May 12, 2012 by

Website to help you with your wedding

AUTUMN and spring are the times of year when most people plan to have their wedding. The weather is great and it is not too cold or too hot.

With winter approaching, I am sure a large number of brides are in the process of planning their spring weddings; getting the invitations designed and printed, making sure that they invite the right people and not forgetting the family from far away.

A trend these days is to focus on electronic invita- tions; this will not only save money, but time as well. You are also able to quickly get feedback from everybody you invite.

This entire process was still quite difficult, but I came across a website that was just launched to make your life as a bride a bit easier. I am writing about this now just to give you enough time to get things ready and still have time to get feedback before your spring wedding.

Weduary ( makes it easy for any bride and groom to build a social and beautiful wedding website in minutes. Weduary is designed with a DIY spirit in mind you can personalise your entire site, from the domain name, to the registry info, to your custom colour palette.

The website includes an area where you can manage RSVP’s, photos and much more. You can even purchase a custom domain and link it to your own webpage on the Weduary.

I love the fact that the invitations can be linked to Facebook and you can then select those guests who are on Facebook and they will receive the emails even if you do not have a physical address or email address handy.