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August 24, 2012 by

The way of the future – JuicyBrain – EdenExpress

Top-up Services can really be the way of the future. I remember a few years ago when people used to tell me to install a prepaid electricity meter in my house as they found that if you can monitor the use of electricity visually, you tend to use less and therefore save at the end of the month. I found this to be true after I switched my cellphone contract from a post-paid contract to a topup contract. I still pay a monthly fixed fee, and I get a specific amount of money or minutes to phone, after that I have to top-up. The irony is that every month before this, I used to pay quite a bit more for my cellphone than just the contract fee. Now for the past year that I have been on the topup contract, I have not once had to load airtime on my phone to make additional calls.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am quite a supporter of prepaid services and when I saw that TopTV is now offering a prepaid service, I was quite impressed.

When TopTV was launched, I had the system installed at my house and loved it, but as time progressed I realised that during the week I never had time to watch both DSTV and TopTV. I had to make a choice. I chose DSTV. During the holidays, I often missed the channels offered by TopTV.

With this new option from TopTV to purchase 30 days of access to the service, I am sure many households will activate this service either when they have more time, or, with the economy as it is at the moment in the months when they have a bit of extra cash on hand.