Can you believe it? Christmas is just around the corner.

This is the time of year that people are either getting frustrated with their jobs or they are starting to think about the new year and how they would love to change their careers to better their living standard, or maybe to move to another town with other opportunities. Whatever your reasons, I am sure you have been reading newspapers and may already have registered yourself online on a career website. If you are looking for employment, I think registering online is vital.

Websites that I would recommend are, and These are by no means the only ones or maybe not even the best ones for your specific career, but I do believe that you need to register with as many of these services as you can if you want to get the exposure you need to get a new job.

You simply need to enter you contact details, qualifications, experience and the like and then search through their database. You can then apply for positions with the click of the mouse.

I love the fact that with most of these websites you can specify a number of job types or descriptions that you are qualified for or interested in, and you will get email notifications when new jobs are listed, matching the criteria you specified. Also remember to register and post your profile on Linkedin is a valuable professional network. Here you can maintain and build your professional online profile. This is a perfect place to be seen by companies and also apply for jobs that they list on the service. I’ll write more about LinkedIn in a later column, but go and create your profile today.