This week saw the 100th episode of one of my favourite podcasts.  The podcast I am referring to is EdTechTalk and is a wonderful source of information for every educator around the world. 


I have listened to the EdTechTalk podcast since the very first episode and in the months that have past I have realized that each educator should listen to it on a regular basis.  The podcast is hosted by three educators in the United States of America and each week for about an hour they go through the latest educational news but mostly the share links to new innovative websites and new technological advances being made in the world of education and educational technology.


Throughout the week listeners contribute links to the EdTechTalk Delicious page and then the cream of the crop is shared by the presenters.  The reason I mention it today is because in this 100th show they have the top 100 links of the past 100 episodes and if you need to catch up to what is happening in educational technology this is the perfect episode to do so. 


You can visit the website at or you can go directly to their top 100 links for the past shows by going to .


EdTechTalk is not only about educational technology but there are also a whole list of other educational podcast to listen to. These include podcasts about primary school education and open education. 


Visit the website today and please let me know if you make any discoveries there that I should know about.



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