THE new iPad is finally here and this time we are getting it a bit faster than the first version. When the first iPad was launched, it took about a year before we were able to buy it locally. This was quite frustrating to most tech enthusiasts in South Africa and some desperate souls had to buy these through websites who made it available through direct imports at three times the purchase price.
This time those websites were caught out and the iPad was made available quickly at a very competitive price. You may ask yourself why you should consider buying this appliance. First of all, you must realise that the iPad is not a computer replacement. It is an additional appliance for you to consume and create content easily.
The strength of the iPad is the fact that you can run thousands of applications on it. These applications are very affordable and I am sure you will find an application to satisfy most of your needs.
From business to education and even just for reading books; you will be able to use the iPad.
Ever thought of editing a video or recording an album? Well, with the iPad you can install the applications to edit a video professionally in High Definition, adding titles and themes. You can download applications that will replace the drums, the guitars and the trumpets in your band and record each track individually. After you have recorded your track and mixed it on your iPad, you can go to a party and through your DJ application have multiple tracks running to the DJ system.
The applications are limited only by our imaginations. The cost of the iPad is very competitive and it should be on your shopping list. For more information on the iPad, please visit