FACEBOOK now has a reported subscriber-base of about 750 million. Never before has there been such an enormous uptake of any online service. On Saturday, I presented a short talk about using social media to market your business and one of the delegates asked me about the reported decrease in Facebook numbers. I answered by saying when you have such a large number of subscribers you are bound to lose a few here and there, but if you look at the numbers it will be very difficult for any other online service to overtake them very soon.

I must clarify that it would be difficult, but not impossible. They said it would be impossible for any company to overtake MySpace and who even remembers MySpace?

If there is, however, a contender that can give Facebook a run for its money it is a new project that Google has just launched in Beta.

Google is testing their new social network called Go ogle Plus, or Google+ (http://plus.google.com).

I believe this is one network that, if implemented correctly, could easily overtake Facebook in the next few years. We all use Google on a daily basis and being able to connect with all your friends right there will be an easy transition. If it is seen as a social, work, sharing, collaboration and networking space it will be a winner.

I am almost sure that even all those people afraid of Facebook will join this network. Could this be the perfect place for a Personal Knowledge and Collaboration Network?