The Internet has a new star.   Never before has one artist demanded such attention in such a short time.  The formerly unknown Scottish singer’s popularity has amazed the world.

During the 2009 “Brittan’s Got Talent” competition, Susan Boyle caught the attention and the hearts of millions around the world. 

  You have to watch the video to see why it has caught the attention of so many people around the world.  I have generated a “Tiny Url” for you to easily type the address as the addresses from Youtube tend to be quite long.  Simply enter the following address .

According to a company, which tracks videos from YouTube, MySpace and other video-sharing sites, all Boyle-oriented videos have generated a total of 85.2 million views. Nearly 20 million of those views came overnight.

  Even though there are hundreds of skeptics out there that believe that her performance was staged, millions of people around the world find her performance to be inspiring.  You will have to make up your own mind after you watch it.

This again goes to show you the unbelievable power of the Internet.  Before the Internet it would have taken intensive and expensive marketing campaigns to give one artist this type of exposure around the world. 

  It is important for up and coming artists to also harness and use this incredible resource to promote themselves.  You will probably not have this type of overnight success but you will get the exposure you need.  Just remember that your popularity will depend on the product you are selling.  If you are not good at what you do you will probably not have the success you want.  If you have something to offer the audience, you will make it.

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