Photoshop CS4 Launched – repost from 2008

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Photoshop CS4 Launched – repost from 2008

This week saw the launch of the new version of Adobe’s Photoshop in South Africa. This powerful photo editing package / graphic design programme again amazed with its new features.

From a long list of amazing features I want to just mention two that blew me away.  The first is the new 3D object painting feature.  It is now possible to easily work with 3 dimensional images as easily as you would with regular images.  Adding reflections or logos and blending it with the 3D images has never been this effortless.  You can now paint directly onto 3D models and this used to be quite a bit of work in the past.  Designers will love this new tool.

The second new feature I want to mention is the Content-aware Scaling tool. I hate it when people take photos and squash them to fit into a specific space.  Usually it distorts the image and either turn normal human beings into long thin alien looking beings or short flat round shaped beings.  With the new content aware scaling feature you can now scale images without destroying the main subjects of the image.  The background will scale but not the people in the foreground. This to me is an amazing feature which will make the lives of many graphic designers just a whole lot better and easier.

There are a huge list of new features in the new Adobe Photoshop CS4 package, and I am unable to mention them all, but please visit and take a look at all the new features.  There are also short video clips to show you exactly what these new features can do.

Adobe has also arranged a launch in Bloemfontein during the beginning of November and if you are interested in attending you can email me.  The date has not yet been set but as soon as it is available I will let you know. Please let me know if you would be interested to attend this free launch event. 


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